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09-15-2008, 07:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Peter6625 View Post
I just don't understand this increase at all. The Bruins didn't pack the house last year until the playoffs, but those were with Habs fans except for game 6. Last year I was able to go to 16 Bruins games, and game 7 up in Montreal. This year I only be able to afford a few games, because of the increase. Those 10 dollar seats were a great deal and no doubt filled up the Garden. Why is Jacob's being so greedy? Just because they played tough in the playoffs doesn't mean that the garden will be packed. If they come out of the gates slow you are going to see a dead Garden. Now I know why so many people in there late 30's absolutely hate the Bruins and turned there back on the organization. He should have waited another year, or when the garden is a constant sellout, then raise prices.
I agree entirely. The pure fact is we didnt WIN a playoff series - all we did is bring the #1 seed to the 7th game - just as the Bruins are gaining momentum they jack up the prices? Its just too early...a few stumbles here and there and this team could miss the playoffs entirely (we just squeezed in last year) and we are back to square 1 with regards to fan support.

The only reason why the Bruins added so many season tickets is because they had no where to go but up. They had 4,000 STH last year - that wouldnt even qualify a city for an expansion team! Some success and they are now around 6,000 STH - a nice increase but many teams have 15,000 STH and cant add any - so the new STH stat is pretty useless.

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