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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
Not even close to being a bust. He has contributed more to his team than nearly everybody on that list with the exception of Backstrom who was a key piece in what brought Washington into the post season. Toews is going to prove his value soon enough but he hasn't to this point by age alone helped his sqaud win anything. Staal on the other hand has played a pivotal role for Pittsburgh in consecutive seasons including being a few good bounces away from drinking cider from Lord Stanley. What isn't to like about the return on the pick to this point? They've gotten more value from that selection than any other team has gotten from their pick to this point and if you ask any GM that is what they look for. It's why GM's on draft day let another team pick for them when they used that pick the previous deadline to put a winner on the roster. Posters here often forget that the goal of the game is not to score goals but to win the hockey game, for pete's sake.

But yes, in my yahoo fantasy draft I will have Toews ahead of Jordan Staal. Bust city. Fortunate for me, I can remove my head from that discussion as soon as the yahoo draft ends and realize the merit in player value that does not extend to scoring columns.

There again, on the flip side of the coin the people defending the pick by saying that Staal would be a second line scoring star on another team need a reality check as well. First of all you don't need to defend this pick because this player has been winning you hockey games since he was drafted. Secondly, it's obvious to anybody with a set of eyes that Toews and Backstrom are going to find the back of the net a lot more than Jordan Staal over the course of their careers. What that does for their value does not register in weighing the contributions that Staal has made to the Pens roster and what replacing player x with player y would do for them.

From my viewpoint you have a hockey player in Jordan Staal that has embraced his role on a very talented hockey team and focused a lot of his developmental energy, and smartly so I would add based on his skill set, towards keeping the puck out of his own net as opposed to putting it into the net of the opposition. There is no shame in that and there is no distinction in value between those that score and those that prevent provided they do it just as well as well as their counterparts.

On another team, Jordan Staal may be trying to parlay his talent into being an offensive force but I would have to project that his success would be limited in that pursuit. I would hate to explain away his 29 goal debut season with a simple minded comment like, "he got lucky", or "goalies sucked against him", but the shooting percentage stats make a very strong case for a stray dot on the scatter chart. I simply do not see second line talent and first line upside in this young man but that isn't required considering what he does and does well.
Good post, and I agree with most. But being one of those who thinks Staal would be on the first or second line on another team and having said so earlier in the thread, I would like to point out that I never said that he would score like Toews will if in that role. I specifically said he would be in that role on a specific type of team, a defensively oriented team like the Devils of old. There are a lot of teams that play that style of game and would love to put Staal on their first line. No he would never be a contender for a scoring title but he could lead a team to a cup in that role.

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