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Originally Posted by AD View Post
True story I shall post here and in the LW thread.

So some of my friends and I go out to celebrate our birthdays (three guys all born in late august).

(We had a wine party at this guy's house.. then we went to Boule Noire for some pool then we went to Pang Pang for Karaoke.. whatev)

Needless to say.. some alcohol was consumed throughout this shindig on the road.

At Boule Noire, I was sitting with a another couple slightly apart from the rest of the peeps playing pool and we were discussing seomthing about my wife and some other girl (new girlfriend of a friend) who were playing at a table.

From across the room, someone calls me to come check out and compares *****. Of course, I oblige.

I get to where they're sitting, one girl tells me to check out the table with my wife (About 3 feet away). I kneel and look left and I see what I thought to be my wife's ass right in front of me. She bends over the table slightly to play shoot the next ball and I see that her (too short for comfort) dress rides up revealing ever so subtly some under-ass.

I figure: "why not".. so I reach out slightly, and grab her bare ass under her skirt and then give her a little slap.

She quickly shoots up. Turns around.. and ... *oh crap* I realise its not my wife.

It was the other (new) girlfriend but they were both wearing a short black dress that night.

Needless to say, I have a new nickname.
Reminds me of the time (long time ago) that I took my scarf and crept up to who I thought was a friend of mine, and pretended to choke her from behind on the metro. Had a hard time explaining to the police....

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