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09-16-2008, 02:50 AM
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Originally Posted by glucker View Post
there was a definite effect both physically and mentally... although the mental part went away (just the shock of being told you have cancer... that's gonna grind your nerves for a while)... physically speaking, he's on chemo pills... he's taking poison every day... his body is weaker than it would normally be, for sure... Chemo does more damage to your system than most diseases... and you can always tell when a player is sick, even if it is just a cold.

that being said, he still got a lot of assists and is a really fiesty player... not what Edmonton needs, but still, really good

Antropov+Van Ryn for 1st rounder + Rollie(do you guys have another backup?)
There is no freeking "chemo" pills

I've lost my dad, my sister and uncle to Cancer and none of them got any pills besides stuff I won't get into.

And all three I have sat at their beds as they died and nobody gave them "chemo" pills,

Something like cancer is not anything you should be ************ about.

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