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Originally Posted by NorthlandPro View Post
With Lehman Bros going down I wonder how this will impact the devils' owner, wasn't he a big deal at Lehman Bros? Wonder if he moved his paper holdings. Would be interesting to here from devil fan who actually may know what the impact will be.
If I'm correct he left the company in 2004. I don't know what his terms were, I'm sure he's still (or was) receiving some form of deferred compensation, most likely in the form of stock because that is part of Lehman's corporate philosophy. That said even the current executives haven't released any information regarding their stock holdings since January. So it would be difficult to tell this early how damaging it has been to anyone personally without knowing what they've done in the past 9+ months. The monetary value of the CEO holdings, again last accurately known in January, would have depreciated $600 million if he held onto it until today. However that is extremely unlikely.

Here is an article from the WSJ last Friday which discusses the situation regarding employees holdings and Lehman's corporate philosophy of employee ownership and compensation through stock.

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