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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
I don't know. If the Rangers are faster on good ice I would figure they would be proportionally faster on Garden ice.

Oh really. Interesting.

Well, I know from my experience that bad ice can and does create a lot of problems in skating and playing the game. I only played recreational hockey ice hockey in recreational leagues. But considering that I've been skating since since I was six years old, I have plenty of experience with different ice qualities.

Anyone who has played the game knows bad ice makes the game a bit more difficult.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Brian Leetch several times in my life and I once asked him about this subject matter

In a one-on-one Q & A with Brian Leetch back in 1990/91 I asked Leetch a three part question about ice surface conditions/quality of ice.

The question was posed like this....

" Brian, from my perspective in the audience and even when veiwing on television the the Garden ice looks really bad.

Is the Garden ice as bad to play on, as it looks?

If so, how does the bad ice effect the players ability to play their game and the game in general?

Is there something that could be done to improve the ice quality?

Leetch's response was that ...... Yes, the Garden ice is often in bad condition and that it does have an effect on the players ability to skate and pass the puck.

He talked about how the puck is effected in passing and when receiving a pass. He also talked about the dangers of bad ice and how a skate blade can get caught in a rut and cause serious injury.

In fact, he actaully said that it was an excellent question and one he'd never had a fan ask him.

I'll take Brain Leetch's word and my experience in skating over yours, any day of the week.

Furthermore, how you can figure a team is " proportionally faster " on bad ice, is beyond me.

Bad surfaces effect the game play of just about every sport. Football, Baseball, Golf, name it.

Why you would figure it to be different and that Hockey is immune from the effects of a bad surface; is quite funny.

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