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09-16-2008, 08:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Janssen25 View Post
What an intelligent post. Hate to break it to you, sitting around with your 13 year old Rangers fans friend playing NHL09 isn't "being around hockey."

His awards and being the NBC national play by play announcer speak for themselves. Try not being so blinded by your immature homerism.
Okay, let me qualify this post by saying that I LIKE Mike Emerick, and think he does an excellent job. I like his passion for the game... Makes things more exciting.

HOWEVER-- Emerick is disliked by a lot of fans, due to the whole "Doc" persona with his propensity to use big words, while at the same time incorrectly identifying non-Devils players on a regular basis. This dislike isn't limited to Rangers fans, as you'll find it within the fan base of most every team in the league.

As far as the NBC gig and the Emmy awards-- Joe Morgan, anyone? He has the Sunday Night Baseball gig, and he too has won an Emmy, yet he is pretty much unanimously considered the worst baseball "analyst" on TV by people under the age of 50.

Again though, I like Mike Emerick. Just pointing out that while being on NBC and winning awards is certainly impressive, it doesn't necessarily mean that someone will be popular with the fans, and there's a lot of dislike for Emerick in the NHL fan base.


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