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Proving myself once again.
September 12, 2008.

This time I went to Ottawa together with my girlfriend Natalya, which is very cool. A lot more fun together. Recently we went out to a restaurant, went to the movies with Ilja Zubov, the three of us, to see Death Race. I understood much of it, and whatever I didn’t Natalya translated.

Unexpectedly for myself I’m back in the prospects camp. Perhaps it’s customary in the NHL to put a player in a difficult situation to see how he handles it. I’m able to take it, but to be honest I was counting on a bit more. After all, I was a prospect last year.

There were tests the first day of camp. We did the usual sit-ups, push-ups. So we were tested on strength and endurance. They told us the results right away. My figures were much better than last year’s. Training with Gonchar did good to me. It’s obvious from on-ice training as well. I feel much better, get tired less.

We were divided in threes, but I couldn’t tell you their order. I’m skating with Kaspars Daugavins and another guy from Canada. We have yellow jerseys. In Russia this would mean the fourth line. Looks like there’s no such distinction in North America.

We will see very soon what line I’m on. In a couple of days all the prospects are going to a four-team tournament. It should be clear whether I’m being counted on. So far there haven’t been any meetings with the management, nobody’s speaking about my possible future. There was a team meeting with the head coach where the usual words were said. Such as, you’re the best players there are, we believe in you, but now you must prove yourselves.

There a many new faces in the locker room. Most of them I don’t know, and they me. Still, we try having conversations. People ask how you’d spent the summer. I say I spent all of it in Moscow. In the morning they ask what everyone did last night.

Nothing’s changed. All right, will concentrate on the forthcoming games. If I have to I’ll prove that I’m ready for the big team. Rather, I’m ready to be given the chance. I want to work with the big team.

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