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09-16-2008, 12:24 PM
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Unexpectedly for myself Iím back in the prospects camp. Perhaps itís customary in the NHL to put a player in a difficult situation to see how he handles it. Iím able to take it, but to be honest I was counting on a bit more. After all, I was a prospect last year.
To me this indicates a clear lack of communication. I haven't gone back to check, but in one of his first blogs he mentioned something about how he heard the Sens organization doesn't treat their Russian players properly. Whether that is right or wrong, the Sens have enough Russians prospects that they should be doing everything they can to make these guys believe that coming to North America and playing in the organization is the best thing for them.

I've mentioned this before but I really think having an assistant/associate coach, or trainer, or anyone that is Russian in the Ottawa or Bingo management would go a very long way in motivating guys like Zubov and Nikulin to stick around. It may also convice guys like Mirnov, Lyamin, Baskkirov, and Anikeyenko to come across the pond and give the Sens a chance. With the KHL this isn't likely to occur, but having at least a couple of these guys would be awesome.

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