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Originally Posted by Caeldan View Post
Now the other thing I'm wondering - and this isn't a hit on 35.. but perhaps there's a tone of something lost in the translation?

Like we're taking 'unexpectedly' to mean that he's seeing it as a chore. I don't know Russian at all, but is it perhaps just a best fit word there (because there wasn't a proper russian/english translation) - rather than the one that would be able to convey the emotion implied with the original russian word?
I just read the original entry (the one in Russian), and he definitely seems surprised and somewhat disappointed. It's noticeable in the title, and the tone of the first two paragraphs.

Later on he does say that he wants to prove himself, but it seems like he's doing it as a favour to the Sens
and not to himself.

Random Note: Just read some of the comments on the blog, and the CSKA fans are asking him to give up and not bother wasting his time here and come back to Russia.

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