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Originally Posted by ThirtyFive View Post
I wrote last year when I just started doing these translations that I was trying to stick to as close to a literal translation as possible because I didn't want to put words into Nikulin's mouth. So the sentence, as I translated it (please bear in mind I'm not a professional translator), is: "Unexpectedly for myself Iím back in the prospects camp." Perhaps that should be "at the prospects camp," but that's of no real consequence. The original Russian reads as follows: "Неожиданно, прежде всего, для себя, я снова в лагере новичков." The first words in both languages mean the same thing, you can check this online dictionary. In my translations I strive to retain the tone and meaning of Nikulin's words, that's my main objective. I may take some very tiny creative license, but it never changes the meaning; it's due to the fact that literal translation sometimes doesn't work. But such cases are pretty rare actually, which is why the blog doesn't read exactly "English" if you know what I mean.
Like I said, it was no slight to you in the least - it was more just trying to find an optimistic look on things... I know going between English to some other languages, the other languages will have words that convey an emotion along with the word, where we only have the word - which especially when put into text - can come across negatively in English.

I do appreciate the work you do, it's rather interesting to get the insight of a player who's trying to make it to the bigs.

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