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09-16-2008, 02:54 PM
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And you're all missing the original point, to begun with.

And being, it seems rather stupid to build a team around a balls to the wall Speed and Attack concept, when you're home ice routinely sucks so bad; that it's considered one of the worst ice surfaces in the NHL.

That was my point from the beginning.

As for the ice quality.

The point being this, if you build a team with a lot of smallish, passive speedy guys; you have no balance through out your lineup. So when there are nights were the ice is bad, your team doesn't have much else going for it. And there will be plenty of nights of bad ice. Not just at the Garden, but in several arenas around the league.

Who knows, maybe the rumor is true and the Rangers brass do have a plan of action for better ice.

We'll see.

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