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09-16-2008, 04:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Sweeney32 View Post
I posted this in the other thread as well, then found this one.... oops

Just got back from the skate..... some thoughts:

Wheeler is huge, didn't realize how big a guy he was and he used it to his advantage, very quick to the puck and a ton of strength, he and Hamill were out there a lot together and seemed to work well, wouldn't mind seeing them play together in providence this year.

Hamill is quick too, very easy to spot out on the ice.

Penner who I was down on after seeing him skate up in Alaska looked pretty good today, good presence on the 2-1 drills, solid passes up ice.

Regan I absolutley love, very quick side to side, challanges well, looks big in his net.

The fight surprised me, but Marchand looked to be pissing people off all practice, not much of a scrum, Knack threw a few punches at him, nothing landed, Coaches broke it up after about a minute and they skated away without saying anything.

All in all a good overall practice, then ran those kids into the ground, all of them looked winded at the one hour break and again at the end of the day.

DKH, If I had known what you look like I would have stopped and said hi..... I was the guy in the grey Alaskan Amber sweatshirt and red red sox hat.
were you sitting at center ice taking notes? ...great review btw especially like your summary of Regan, spot on.

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