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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
just got back and watched the practice with Mick and Kevin from Melrose (those who have heard the NEHJ show know him- incredible wealth of knowledge)...afterwards hung around as yute picked up autographs....I thought the Marchand and Knackstedt fight fall under the 'I'm fighting a friend' not 'I'm fighting someone who kicked my dog, gave my kid crap'. There is fighting with rage, and then there is just fighting- and that is what this falls under. Maybe I'm wrong but I was pretty close and got the sense neither really wanted to be doing this.

Anyways, few observations- Hamill can motor and has offensive zone gear and creativity, although afterwards outside he was either sore as hell, or bruised a bit because he was walking imo with a slight limp. He just abused a few of the D on drills.

Marchand played his edgy style and I have zero problem with it; he was very good to the kids afterwards- exceptionally nice. He's going to be fun to watch if he can maintain this type of play when the big boys in the NHL and professionals playing in the AHL let him know they aren't 16 and 17 year olds.

I like Matt Marquardt quite a bit, but my kid informs me he is the best looking prospect by far, and looks more like a college kid. I agree on the college part and he doesn't look like a fighter, but he's physical, skates well, certainly is noticeable. I expect him in Providence and he'll be an interesting follow because he looks like he has skills.

I thought both Regan and Hutchinson looked very good. The Bruins may have some talent here with these two; Hutchinson is going back to Barrie Colts but for 18 are you bleepin' me- he's very good.

I'll have more later but it was fun to go and watch some hockey....anyone have a question about one of these guys let me know and I'll be gald to offer an opinion.
So is Hamill noticeably one of the fastest forwards out there? If so, that is tremendous news. I've thought all along, and still believe, that Hamill will be an all-star player if he can become faster than an average NHL center, and stronger than an average NHL center. If he passes that threshold, his preternatural hockey IQ will make him a star.

Sounds like he is getting there with speed. That only leaves strength, which I actually think is more easily acquired with hard work than is speed.

Training camp is going to be a war! And it will only be more competitive in the coming years. I can't wait for this to get started.

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