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Originally Posted by shortcat1 View Post
According to an article by Chris Nicols in, Carey Price is considered the 8th best goalie in the league. Ahead of him, in order, are Brodeur, Nabokov, Lundquist, Luongo, Gigučre, Turco & Fleury. Just below him, in 9th & 10th, are Kiprusoff & Osgood.

Keep in mind that this list is a 'fantasy' list and takes into account the players in front of the goalies.

The description of Price's rating is: "Carey Price, Montreal: Playoff follies should fuel this leaner, rising star’s first full season.
BACK UP THREAT LEVEL: Halak is impressive; Denis is a question mark. This is Carey’s team."

Note that there's no mention of players in front of him having an impact like it mentions for Gigučre, Fleury & Osgood.

I'm just taking this as an extrapolation to seeing these goaltenders as to their real comparative 'bestness' (ability, technique, etc.) Maybe we'll even have a discussion on Price's actual comparative rating.

Is Price really 8th best at this time? Is he actually better? Is he over-rated by Nichols?

To tell you the truth, I don't really know. The list seems reasonable but only the end of the year will give us a better idea.

By the way, here's the article's webpage:

What a joke!!!!!
First of all...Brodeur isn't the #1 goalie in the league. Luongo and Turco are ahead of him IMO. Second of all, Price is far from being the 8th best goalie in the league. There are tons of goalies that are light years ahead of him. The kid still has a lot to prove.

Don't get me wrong, I like Price and think he has the potential to be a great NHL goalie someday, but he's not there yet.....he has a lot of work ahead of him before he will earn my vote. His lack-luster play in the playoffs last year and the fact that he had a few bad games tells me that his mental game needs work. He needs to learn how to handle the pressure of the NHL and all its critics.

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