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09-17-2008, 10:44 AM
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I'm 5'8" (165 lbs) and use a 75 flex Warrior Dolomite. The stick is cut to be just above my chin in skates.

I think the biggest factor for flex is your height (or length of stick more importantly). The reason is you are using it like a lever, and a longer stick allows you to apply more torque (which makes the stick flex more). So if you are shorter or if you cut your sticks short, you might find a benefit in having a whippy stick.

Of course, if you are very strong, you might be an exception to this rule. The reason being that you can apply more force to the stick instead of using leverage to create more torque.

I believe the rule of thumb is you should be able to lean on the stick slightly and it should flex about an inch in the middle. If you have to really put your body weight to flex the stick or feel any pain or resistance in your forearms, it's going to be too stiff.

But it's all personal preference, so I'd see if you can't try a teammate's stick in practice or find a used or closeout stick in a lighter flex. Most people seem to use sticks that are too stiff from what I've seen and benefit from moving down in flex.

Beyond that, I've never really liked the feel of cheap composite sticks. They tend to have a very slow and soft flex to them, even if they are whippy. Higher end sticks seem to snap back into position quicker, making my shots more accurate and faster.

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