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Originally Posted by Ra View Post
But he's still the number one in my heart

More like a nice excuse provided to the Huet lovers/Habs haters to bash him.
Nah Price had all the excuses last season. Everything Huet did was discarded by some fans and everything Price did was excused or admired by some fans. I clearly remember when some fans blamed Huet for showing emotion, yet when Price broke down in tears some fans thought he's such a great goalie because he shows emotion.

Originally Posted by Corey View Post
Just so long as he's ahead of Miller, Toskala, Gerber, Thomas/Fernandez, Biron, Huet, Ward, Vokoun, DiPietro, etc.
I would take Miller, Biron, Huet, Ward, Vokoun, and Dipetro over Price currently.

Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
You're just like all the rest of the people who think that Brodeur is god, when in fact, its the New Jersey Devil's defensive system that makes Brodeur a success. You put Brodeur on a struggling team like Toronto and he wouldn't do a damn thing.

The Devils have built a team and a system around Brodeurs un-orthodox style of goaltending and it has worked great, but to say that Brodeur is the #1 goalie in the league is bull. There are many other goalies out there who have more skill and are the reason for their team being successful. Brodeur is a good goalie, don't get me wrong....but people forget that most of his success comes from having a good defensive system in front of him that his whole team has bought into.

What has Price done in the NHL to deserve such high regard???? NOTHING!!!
I'm sick of everybody giving praise where it isn't due!! Price hasn't proved one thing in his NHL career and everything he has done before coming to the NHL means absolutely nothing as far as I'm concerned. Many players can excel in Junior, the World Juniors and even in the AHL and turn out to be nothing in the NHL. Its happened over and over. We've seen players lead the Canadian World Junior team to gold medals and not ever make and NHL team.
I'm not saying that this very thing will happen to Price, but I don't understand why everybody says he is soooo great when he hasn't proved a thing in the NHL. The only thing he proved so far is that he is only human and that even he can crumble and blow a playoff series for his team.....thats it.

People need to stop giving him an undeserved reputation as a great goalie in the NHL. Wait until he proves something and then brag him up and talk highly of him.....don't do it when he is still young and unproven.
Agreed completely man.

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