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09-17-2008, 10:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Marksman View Post
No it wouldnt. You need one or two extras guys, thats, what, half a million minimum per player?

Or are you going to go with 18 skater roster and Brisebois?

Bouillon, Dandy and Bégin are part of a 23 player roster that puts the cap space at 1 mil.

So substract three players and add one (Schneider), that makes it 21 players, Breezer included, NOT 19, like you said.

Now, to make some space for injuries for further down the season (as the cap is tallied up in a per-game manner once the season starts, so any AHL player only coming here for several weeks will only count against the cap for those several weeks), we send Chips down to the AHL and take Stewart on the team, this would give us 450K of free space, and a 21 player roster, 20 being the minimum and 23 the maximum.

May I remind you that the cap space for the minimum/maximum roster is counted just before the season starts, but once the season starts, teams can go over the cap as long as by the end of the season, they aren't over it.

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