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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
No I don't, as you start off by saying that Koivu is a warrior and all, but lacks focus?

I'm not going to get into the whole Koivu pre-season statement from last year, because personally I think it was blown way out of proportion.

Koivu has been a true leader on this team for many years. He has already "earned" the right for people to wish for him to hoist the cup.
The same way that people wished for Sakic and Yzerman and even Bourque to win cups, after years of playing for bad to average teams.
fair enough....

but sometimes it looks as if carbo and gainey aren't too pleased with saku. Never , did carbo gave him credit last year.

Souray and Rivet are gone, his best buddies are all gone...

I know about the gillet-koivu love, but I don't know if gainey and carbo (former big shot captains) are pleased with the comments Koivu made last year...

1) I don't want to be part of a rebuilding process.

2) we're not going to win the cup.

It wasn't proffesional on his part, regardless of the misery he has endured here for the last 15 years... you don't say things like that in front of a mic.

I'm not saying koivu is a bad captain, I'm just saying that the #1 requirement for being a captain is : team 1rst, **** my personnal ambitions.

and on that very stiff rule, Koivu missed the boat last year... its ok, I still love him as a captain, and that was a mistake...that's all....

but when you add the media coverage here in mtl, no wonder it created a generation of koivu haters...

does he still care enough? we saw his determination in the playoffs, and I was touched by that.

but to be honest, until playoff started last year, I wasn't able to answer that question without having any doubts in my mind...

so bottom line, yeah lets do it for saku, but I feel he is still the one that has to die game after game in order to make that possible... if he can't do that anymore (lead by example, consistancy)....fine, but I'd rather take the captaincy pressure off of his shoulders.... for his own good.

perfect ie: morrow vs modano in dallas.

But lets be fair, he played with ryder and higgins , both of em had ordinary (rather terrible) seasons as well, but this year saku just HAS to step up and benefit from tanguay , lats and/or higgins...

I believe in him, but imo, as long as he wears the C, he owes us, not the opposite.

my mentality is probably a bit old school, but its my honest and sincere opinion.

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