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09-17-2008, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead58 View Post
What has Price done in the NHL to deserve such high regard???? NOTHING!!!
I'm sick of everybody giving praise where it isn't due!! Price hasn't proved one thing in his NHL career and everything he has done before coming to the NHL means absolutely nothing as far as I'm concerned. Many players can excel in Junior, the World Juniors and even in the AHL and turn out to be nothing in the NHL. Its happened over and over. We've seen players lead the Canadian World Junior team to gold medals and not ever make and NHL team.
I'm not saying that this very thing will happen to Price, but I don't understand why everybody says he is soooo great when he hasn't proved a thing in the NHL. The only thing he proved so far is that he is only human and that even he can crumble and blow a playoff series for his team.....thats it.
Tuukka Rask hasn't proved one thing in his NHL career. Jonathan Bernier hasn't proved one thing in his NHL career. Ondrej Pavelec hasn't proved one thing in his NHL career. Because they haven't had the opportunity, John Tavares and Victor Hedman haven't proven one thing in their NHL careers.

Price has. Price has proven he can perform at a high level in the NHL. Does this mean that he has proven he will consistently perform at a high level? No. Does this mean he has proven he can be a good number one for the next 15 years? No. Does it mean he's a proven top 20 or top 10 guy? No. And I think that's basically what you're arguing, but to say he's proven nothing is undercutting what he's done. He has proven that he has the ability to perform at the NHL level, and perform well. It's not much, but it's more than what 99% (maybe more) of 21 year old NHL goalies (and legitimate goalie prospects) have been able to say in NHL history. It may or may not be justified, but people hold him in such high regard because he's in that top one percentile in NHL history.

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