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Originally Posted by Johnny Law View Post
I meant that Reading is not able to support 2 hockey teams, I agree with you if they replaced the Royals I think they could do very well. Reading lacks real entertainment options and if the Phantoms could add a little more to down town and get more people down there it could be a real positive for Reading and the Phantoms.

Legally speaking though I would imagine it would be a nightmare to remove the Royals from Reading. Additionally, I think the ECHL may be upset as I believe the Royals are one of the more financially successful teams. I could be totally wrong about all of this but I wonder how much trouble the Phantoms would want to go through to get into Reading if a potentially easier deal is available in the Leigh Valley, if they can wait for a stadium.

Its actually one of the more interesting stories in the AHL as I don't see any obvious answer for the Phantoms.
I think that the Phantoms in Reading would do extremely well. The Royals already do cross promotions with the R-Phillies, so it seems almost too perfect for the Flyers not to have one of their affiliates in Reading as well. That said I don't see Reading happening.

The obvious answer of the options available is Atlantic City. However an article that someone posted on the Flyers board stated that the Wachovia Center would be available for half of their home games. I wonder if the AHL would allow the Phantoms to play 20 games in Philadelphia and 20 games in Atlantic City? If they would that may very well be the solution. is offline   Reply With Quote