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Originally Posted by FreddtFoyle View Post
Some impressions from last night's UNB-STU exhibition game:

UNB didn't look like they were ready to play to start the game, and although Yeomans looked bad on two of the first three goals, the whole team was sleepwalking. STU looked like a team that had one exhibition game under their belt and UNB like a team playing their first game. After Yeomans got the hook UNB woke up and then the contest was effectively over as they reeled off six straight goals and completely dominated play ...

First impressions on the rookies:
- Travis Fullerton: solid in nets, although he only had to make a couple of tough saves
- Jonathan Harty: clearly got the memo that UNB d-men are expected to pinch in as he did just that all night. His goal was a beaut as he walked into a open lane while the energy line had all the Tommies sucked into a cycle vortex in the corner.
- Dion Campbell: fits the energy line well
- Jordan Clendenning: lots of pressure on him as his family were the principle organizers of this benefit game. Played well ... Looks to be a third liner for now.
- Bretton Stamler: very smooth, effective, top-4 d-man
- Jimmy Cuddihy: like with Dal, he knows what to do around the net. Should be at least a point-a-game guy this season.

Overall the two new D were more impressive than the forwards, i.e. they look to be top-4 guys before the end of the season. Only after one game Clendenning and Campbell look to be interchangeable with Ryan Seymour and Josh Hepditch. Cuddihy is centring the top line until Daine Todd gets back from camp, and certainly doesn't look bad there.

I would generally agree with FrdddtFoyle's assessment of the rookies.

I would add that last year's rookies look like they are ready to take it to the next level. Henderson and Bailey looked very strong, and Tremblay is Tremblay - he is a terrific player.

Overall, if the VReds are not as dominant this year as last, I think it will be mainly because the other teams in the league have improved. This is going to be a very fast, skilled team. The defensive corps will be stronger than last year, and when the forwards start to gel and the line combinations get sorted out they will be very deep. I saw Todd in camp and he will be a very solid addition.

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