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Originally Posted by Corey View Post
That's precisely what I didn't like about Brisebois and Streit in the playoffs. Also, Streit often mishandled the puck at the offensive blueline, so it came out and the PP had to regroup.
To be fair, Markov and Streit were both far worse than brisebois was in this repsect. Markov mishandled the puck many a time (I think he was injured) and Streit basically kept shooting the puck into the other teams skates causing a turnover/oddman rush/breakaway.

I'm actually really happy streit is gone. He's great but he's a big minus player, same goes for ryder, neither were great defensively.

As people, I like Ryder and Streit, they seem like really nice guys, but I just don't want them on my team.

Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
This is my personal opinion of been watching him for the last couple of years. He is a suprisingly good PKer, he keeps it simple and plays the lanes quite well. He has continually been on one of the two defensive PK units throughout his tenure in Montreal as well.
When I think about it, I can agree with what you are saying but I still don't see him as our best pker, one of though.

Originally Posted by Toro View Post
last year a less than average defenceman(streit) manned the point on the #1 pp. the rest ofhis ice time was on the 4th line mostly. I'm sure a guy like S kost can do as good a job on the point, especially defensively. Streit was worse than Souray defensively. At least souray could clear the net and fight etc.

Sure i liked Streit's offence but the rest of his game was below average. High quality Defenceman he is not..
Yeah but I've never seen a player get beaten in one on one battles as much as Souray though. If he was the last d-man back on a one on one you just knew the opposition was scoring.....

I can't wait to see how Souray does this season.

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