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09-18-2008, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Squeaky View Post
When SK has played the point, I believe for the most part he's played it as the QB, not as the triggerman. By that I mean he played it like Markov does, rather than like Souray/Streit have in the past for the Habs. I suppose he might have taken the shots in London too, I wasn't watching. But I will say that his skillset is much closer to a Markov than a Souray. The hole we've got is a Souray.
Oh, but that point has already been raised some time ago. The point would be to have a system of switching, which would confuse opposing teams. Markov has a pretty good shot and should use it more. Maybe having SK would be great for that. Both acting as QBs and triggermen. A system they would need to practice but which could become very deadly for opposing teams.

Also, Streit wasn't exactly the triggerman either. Both he and Markov took a lot of shots. The point is, this Habs PP doesn't need great shots from the point, but preferably good passers who have precise shots. This is why a lot of people see SK taking Streit's place.

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