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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Oh, but that point has already been raised some time ago. The point would be to have a system of switching, which would confuse opposing teams. Markov has a pretty good shot and should use it more. Maybe having SK would be great for that. Both acting as QBs and triggermen. A system they would need to practice but which could become very deadly for opposing teams.

Also, Streit wasn't exactly the triggerman either. Both he and Markov took a lot of shots. The point is, this Habs PP doesn't need great shots from the point, but preferably good passers who have precise shots. This is why a lot of people see SK taking Streit's place.
Streit was the only one teeing up the one-timers from the point. Markov was more likely to take a couple steps in and let loose a wrister, or sneak in the back door and take a pass from Kovalev from the far boards. From what I saw, it was a very clear-cut QB/Shooter situation between Markov and Streit.

The reason I'm not a fan of having two QBs on the first unit is it doesn't fit the rest of the assets very well on that unit. Having the big shot on the right point forces whoever is playing the left side on the PK to step up a little to take away the shot. This not only opens up all kind of space for Kovalev, but it also helps open up that Markov-Kovalev passing lane that was used to such great effect last season. That system was extremely effective, and I am loathe to change it now.

Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
I'll take this seriously when Gorges scores his first goal.
He got one in 06-07 for the Sharks. Career 00.94 shooting %

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