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Originally Posted by NYR6814 View Post
I've been to Lawn Guy Land about 20 times, and almost all those visits there were to play football with some friends. Whenever it would get dark, we'd have to stop because it was too dark. For whatever reason, there's only like 1 street light on every block, at least where I was.

I love how you continue to pronounce it Lawn Guyland. Anywhere you travel, anyone who hears OUR accent assimilates it with NEW YORK. Long Island is part of New York.

Which means I am a part of you.

I think you need to remove your head from the dustballs in midtown manhattan and focus on the facts. I love Manhattan, but if your going to act as if Long Island is some sort of far off distant land that Manhattanites want nothing to do with, than by all means, continue to disgust many Rangah fans who come from LONG ISLAND.

And about street lights? It's not a booming metropolis. The need for street lights everywhere is unnecessary. Unlike, you know, most of Manhattan, walking around at night isn't cause for concern.

As I was saying, New York City = Dog Pound. I rather buy my girlfriend off E bay than get laid from these gold digging, collagen using airheads.

BTW, I'm just engaging in some fun as I see it. I'm hoping that most here can handle some of the criticism going back and fourth.. If at any point this is getting too serious than I'll stop, but I kinda figured that this is sort of the thing this thread was asking for!

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