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06-24-2004, 09:59 AM
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I don't think any trades will go down until teams are on the clock. That's when the offers will pour in for these picks.

For Columbus, I love Malkin. He'd be their 1st line center of the future. I have no problem using the 05 1st to get him. I would not trade any current players (unless Pitt wanted an older guy, which they don't), but I would have no problem dangling draft picks.

I agree that a team like Columbus shouldn't medel too much with its picks because they're young and still need to build some depth. But, Malkin sounds like a special, special player. If CBJ can move the 2 1sts to get him, I think it is worth it. I think it is a good risk to take. They'd be gauranteeing themselves an "elite" level prospect, rather than crossing their fingers and hoping to suck enough to get a top guy next year.

Now, will CBJ's pick next year be in the top 10? I admit its likely, but you never, never know for sure. They would have Malkin, for sure. That is a definite. Next year's pick is not.

My other thought is that next year is next year, deal with it as it comes up. It is allegedly a deeper draft, so maybe you try to trade back into the 1st? My point is, you have plenty of time and options to address that. MacLean is a trading machine anyway.

I would not be in favor of CBJ moving 3-4 assets (be they picks or players), that's too costly, but 2 assets for Malkin? I'd do it.

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