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06-24-2004, 11:23 AM
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Well most here would say if you haven't seen him play you can't make a comment on his future. Personally, that's idiotic. If you go by what scouting reports say he has a lot of offensively talent. If you go by the buffoon's who rate farm systems almost all of our players suck. Instead of realizing no matter what our prospects had in the matter of talent they weren't going to play because of the mentality of the organization. Because we refused to play prospects most of the no talent, writers who cover farm systems ASSUMED our prospects must stink.

I talked to a guy who wrote an article on Prucha and he told me that this guy has immense offensive upside. However, it sounds like he would be more like a Balej in that he will need the right chemistry and talent on his line along with a system.