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06-24-2004, 12:37 PM
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hmm I think the last euro picked in the late rounds by the Rangers that actually had a career in the NHL is Kim Johnsson. Lets take a look of some of our former euro players that were drafted from eurooe and see where they been::

In 95...Alexei Vasiliev spent time in minors, played one nhl game, maybe if he did not go back to russia, can be a solid 5th 6th dman.

In 95...Ilja Gorokhov well never came to NA and prolly never will.

In 96...Ola Sandberg he came to NA, but I dont know what happened to him.

In 96...Ronnie Sundin well he came to NA, played one game with Rangers, went back to Europe, and their were rumors of Sather signing him.

In 97...Tomi Kallarsson well never came to NA and prolly never will.

In 97...Johan Lindbom spent a little time in NHL, then went back to Europe and retired, I always thought he would make a solid pk player like PJ Axelsson

In 97...Johan Holmqvist maybe a NHL backup in future.

In 98...Tomas Kloucek well he made the NHL but injuries might take a toll on him down the line, always gets hurt.

In 98...Stefan Lundqvist well everyone thought hed be another Fredrik Modin and he has never came to NA and prolly wont.

In 98...Johan Witehall well he came to NA, then Sather lost him to Habs on waivers, then went back to europe. He had the speed to play in the NHL, but maybe with the right coaching, he would be in the NHL today.

In 98...Jan Mertzig well spent some time in NHL then went back to europe.

The point im trying to make is that im still little wary of european picks, cause what if they never come to NA. The last few years, I dont think the Rangers drafted a european in the mid - later rounds, that actually came to NA and to be with the Rangers either in Hartford or New York, Im pretty sure the last one was Kim Johnsson and that is sad.

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