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09-19-2008, 09:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Do we? If Chipchura is in Hamilton, we have $2M of free space, which would get us any player in the league at the deadline, even if we keep Dandenault and none of the rookie bonus money becomes unattainable in the meantime.

Maybe we thought we needed cap space on July 1st. Definitely we'll need it next year. But July 1st has come and gone, and Dandy will be UFA next year. So we actually don't need any further bang for our cap space at the moment. That has disappeared as a motivator for moving Dandenault.

I say keep him, so long as he's satisfied with his role as the 14th forward/8th D. He provides depth and versatility we might just need before all is said and done this year.
You make good sense. Last year at this time, I was posting that Dandenault had to be moved because of the crisis of having 8 defencemen plus O'Byrne. I was sure he was going to get moved, McGillisized or otherwise.

Obviously wrongheaded in retrospect. Dandenault gave Carbonneau some good minutes last year. We criticize him for being no better than a 14th forward, but he is a pretty good 14th forward. You might as well keep a guy like that if nothing is forcing you to get rid of him.

The cap is no problem. He hasn't forced himself out yet. That leaves only one thing: the battle at training camp. As it is now, one of Begin, Kostopolous and Laraques is a spare forward. Chipchura doesn't have a spot. But I don't know who else would seriously challenge. Stewart? D'Agostini? (I won't even say Pacioretty.)

If Dandenault loses his spot, then someone on the outside looking in has done very well in training camp. Realistically, that would mean beating out Dandenault and one of Begin and Kostopolous as well. A rookie has to grab at least the 12th forward spot. Otherwise he's better served in the AHL.

It would also mean pushing veteranship off the roster and out of the line-up. That's an important consideration for a team that plans on playing for the Cup. I think it's going to be hard for even Chipchura to stick with the team, even though there few real doubts about him being ready for the NHL.

So, yeah, keep Dandenault. For now.

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