Thread: Injury Report: Derian Hatcher officially put on LTIR
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09-20-2008, 04:39 AM
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Originally Posted by MrKurri'soupkitchen View Post
First off, Markov, on numerous accounts stated that he was returning to Russia because of the uncertainty surrounding the new agreement between the League and the PA. Second, When Minnesota nearly quadrupled Jonsson's salary following a concussion riddled-season, the Flyers made a tough decision to not match and walk away. Third, Hatcher was, and is, a class act for this organization. His selflessness and willingness to play hurt down the stretch is the type of example and lesson I want imparted onto my young players regarding sacrificing yourself for the greater good of the team. Go back and watch the playoffs again, or the season for that matter, and you'll see that Hatcher fine tuned his positional play to make up for his ridiculously slow foot speed. I used to curse Hatcher with a tongue that would make Richard Pryor blush but at the end of last year's run, he was the epitome of a warrior.
Markov did not state he was returning to Russia. Markov said Russia was always an option. The biggest problem Markov had was that there were players he believed that were collecting pay cheques claiming to be hurt when he wondered if they really were. Markov said that he could claim he was hurt as well because he played through the playoffs with broken feet, but he didn't complain once about it. That's what got Markov going and when he joked he might seek about getting payment, word got back to Philadelphia about what he said and Clarke was not amused.

Second, with regards to Jonsson, his salary did not quadruple. His salary went from 2.5 million after the lockout to 5.25million a year when he signed the contract with Minnesota. It doubled. Hatcher, on the other hand, was coming off major knee surgery and did not play very well that past few seasons before the lockout. Johnsson deserved the benefit of the doubt after having the concussion. It was Johnsson's first, he was ready to come back come playoff time, the Flyers held him out. He was ready to play.

As for Hatcher being a 'class act', what exactly has he done to be a class act? And to be honest, when hear about how 'selfless' he was and how he 'continued' to play through injury, I look at what Markov did and what Johnsson did for us when Markov played throughout the playoffs on two broken feet and Johnsson played with a thumb so badly broken, he could barely hold a stick.

The Hatcher/Rathje signings were the absolute WORST contract signings that set this franchise back. If it's one thing I'll grill my namesake idol for, it's for those two foolish, foolish signings because Clarke honestly thought the refs were going to call the game it was prior to the lockout. What makes the moves even more foolish is the fact that Ed Snider was on the competition committee and that Ed knew things were going to be called and that it wasn't going to be like the old days. Clarke really, really, really dropped the ball with those two signings and it came back to bite us hard because those two contracts were immovable contracts.

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