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09-20-2008, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Predanerd View Post
Wow look at all the Zanon hate...

Zanon is solid. I'd rather have him as the 6th man than Klein
. He is WAYYY better than Ortmeyer at their relative positions. I don't think you all realize how valuable blocking shots can be. 1 out of 10 shots on net go in. If he blocks 300 shots per year, thats 30 goals against he prevents. I know these are just rough estimates, but you get the idea. He's a perfect role player. Although he did stuggle a little bit towards the end of last season, maybe this is the picture you all still have of him in your head.

That being said, its a shame to see Klein rot away in the press box. I really want to see what this kid is capable of.
I'll take that to mean you've never seen Klein play. At all.

Klein is probably the best skater on the team, is positionally sound, and, relative to Zanon, is Paul Coffey offensively. He's a much better stickhandler and shooter, and is also an effective open-ice hitter, which is something we really lacked on the blue line last year (partially through the absence of Weber for much of the year) and something that Zanon has yet to really provide.

I would much, much, MUCH rather have Klein on our 3rd pairing than Zanon. Zanon has reached his developmental peak. Klein has all the makings of a top three defenseman who may be able to replace Hamhuis at some point. Of course, we won't know and neither will the coaching staff unless he gets more ice time.

And I have no problem with:

Hamhuis-De Vries

... at all.

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