Thread: News Article: Brooks on Zherdev 09/19/08
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09-20-2008, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
I think that's hardly what I'm doing. My point is whenever people hear the name "Brooks", like "Eklund", the conversation moves from the content to the source.

If people loathe Brooks so much, don't read him. If people know than Eklund is never right with his rumors, why talk about them?
The conversation moves from the content to the source because of the objectivity of the material. Brooks is not writing from facts, he is writing from the same half assed opinions he always has. Until Brooks starts writing based on facts, Shots on goal, game winning goals, points, etc... him and his articles will always be subject to criticism.

Personally I think you have to take Brooks with a grain of salt. Some times he has good articles, some times he does not. No body is perfect. My question is this, we all know Brooks and how he writes... him writing stuff like this is nothing new, so why is every body whining about it?

When its Eklund writing a rumor or piece all it ever is " Oh its just Eklund it cant be true"

But when its Brooks writing and we know he is full of **** in a particular article, why not just do the same thing, take it for what it is and leave it alone?

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