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09-20-2008, 05:44 PM
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Originally Posted by swharto View Post
Great report. I will be there for most of the day tomorrow and can't wait. Quick question, why do you think the seating is restricted?
I think for a few reasons... they want it to be easy for the sales people to attempt to sell tickets... probably not fun for them to venture all over the entire garden to people who would be all spread out. Also, just so they can get a decent gauge at how many people are there maybe? However, I really don't know.

The first session there were tons of security guards or whatever you wanna call them, that would come over to you if you strayed too far.. for example the old man and I first went and sat in the premium seating because the seats are orgasmically more comfortable, which was in a section that we were allowed to sit, and a guy came over and said "we aren't letting people sit in the premium section"... I looked at him and said extraordinarily sarcastically "oh of course, makes perfect sense"... which drew a pretty big chuckle for some fans that heard it. However the second session there was like none, and people started to venture a little bit...

One note I wanted to share about the premium seating... during one of my conversations with a bruins sales person they informed me that the premium seats I love are only 50 bucks a piece when you get them as season tickets. Nearly shat myself. Thats a phenominal deal... As soon as I'm financially stable enough to do it (hopefully 4 years)... I'm all over it.

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