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Originally Posted by Joey View Post
So because Luongo's teams generate no offense, he is a worse goalie than if they did? What do you want him to go out and score goals too? Being a good goalie means stopping the puck and making dominant saves -- things he does. Just because the rest of the team sucks doesn't mean he is only "good" compared to other goalies

Do you even play hockey? If you had a great goalie would you say he'd be better if your line scored enough to win that game? What are you smoking? And how many people have a "multitude" of Conn Smythe wins?

By your definition of needing awards to be considered "great", I guess you could say Crosby is not great yet because well he only got to the finals and didn't win the Cup. Oh Ovechkin's not great he only made the playoffs once

EDIT: and even though you completely ignore it, he does fit some of your bogus criteria...
"My reasoning is that he doesn't dominate the current NHL goalies in save percentage"
well how many goalies get .931sv% while playing 73 games for a team that doesn't make the playoffs?
Sorry but Luongo is nowhere close to Roy, Brodeur or Hasek status. If he had the teams that the three goalies had, where is the guarantee he would win anything? There is no guarantee he could win on the teams that Brodeur and Hasek were on. I doubt Luongo could handle the pressure in Montreal like Roy did.

You actually think Crosby and Ovechkin can be put in the same category as Gretzky and Lemieux? They would not be considered great compared to players such as those. Maybe in 20 years they will be, but at the moment they aren't.

Luongo did that only 1 season. One season doesn't describe a career. I'm interested to know what the other goaltenders save percentages were that season. Also around 2001 or so is where teams started playing a lot better defensively so goalies' stats improved. Another user on this forum had mentioned this before.

You actually are going to argue that Roy did not deserve his Conn Smyths?
Stanley Cups and Conn Smyths are not just any "award."

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