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09-21-2008, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
Fritsche was 48.8% on face offs last year, 49.3% 2 years ago, and 48.9% 3 years ago.

so roughly 49% between the 3 years, thats behind all 4 of our current centers, and would rank him roughly 200th int he NHL in terms of faceoff %, with about 20-30 of those being people with super small sample size, so you can say about 175th in the NHL amongst people with a nominal sample size.

if you do the math, 175/30 that tells us that on every team in the nhl there are roughly 6 guys who are better at faceoffs than him.

That is why he was moved to wing.
Simple logic tells you that the average faceoff percentage is exactly 50 %. The median percentage should also be extremely extremely close to 50 %, maybe off by a couple hundredths or thousandths of a percent. So if Fritsche is only 1 percent off from the mean and the median, DOES IT REALLY MATTER??? Faceoffs does not define the center role. Just dont put him out for a faceoff in the defensive zone with the game on the line.

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