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06-24-2004, 08:53 PM
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I'm always skeptical about power forwards making it in the NHL but I saw something in a clip of this kid I almost never see. He shot an absolute rocket from about 30 feet out in the corner and he took almost no back swing to shoot it. I've only seen a few guys I can remember have that kind of velocity with the stick barely moving. Kerr, Bossy, Shanahan, Hull and Neely were some I remember.

In a league where there is barely time to shoot it's something I look at more now. Nedved takes an hour to get his shot off. This kid has the velocity and takes almost no time to shoot it. People knock his skating but if he rounds out at 6'5-230 and shoots from 10 feet with that quick release he will score a lot more goals then a Parise will.