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09-21-2008, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
uhh, yes. it does matter. in the NHL having a 53% faceoff percentage is considered near elite. having a 48-49% faceoff percentage is considered medicore to below average. 1 percentage point in terms of faceoffs in either direction is like the equivalent of 10 goals in terms of goal scoring in either direction.
lets say he takes 1000 faceoffs on the season which is something like 12 per game. I think that is a fair amount. if he wins 50% that is 500/1000. If he wins 49% that is 490 out of 1000. So how could those 10 losses on faceoffs possibly result in 10 goals against more. That would mean that all faceoffs lost result in goals against.

More accurately, maybe 3 of those 10 losses occur in the defensive zone, and 1 of them results in a goal. Maybe, maybe, maybe that goal is attributable to losing the faceoff.

The bottom line is that a players comfort level at the position is worth 100000x more than a measly faceoff percentage. Like I said, when we are up a goal with 10seconds left go with Betts, Drury, or Gomez, nobody is going to argue.

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