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09-21-2008, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Russeltown View Post
It's more... He'd like to speak more in the lockey room. J'aimerais réitérer and not retirer
I don't think so, I read the article, it says:

«C'était la première année où je portais une lettre à mon chandail», souligne-t-il en faisant référence à sa nomination au titre d'adjoint au capitaine.

«Ce rôle crée des espoirs, mais je ne l'ai pas toujours assumé de la bonne manière. J'aimerais retirer des paroles que j'ai prononcées dans le vestiaire si j'en avais le pouvoir. Je veux essayer de faire ce qu'il y a de mieux pour l'équipe.»


This is my translation:

"It was the first time I had a letter on my sweater," Higgins said, refering to his new role as assistant captain.

"That raised hopes [expectations], but I didn't always handle them the right way. I would like to take back some of the things I said in the dressing room if I had the power. I want to try doing what's best for the club."

* * *

Now I went fairly literal in that last paragraph, but the meaning seems pretty clear to me: he knows he opened his big mouth too much in the room and that he didn't handle his role as an assistant captain as best as he should have.

Higgins has a known history of talking too much, it doesn't surprise me that he's got a mea culpa here for putting his foot in it in the dressing room. Hopefully he will learn that leadership is an on-ice activity and leave the talking to people who can do it with more experience.

A young kid from a rich school makes it big very fast as a pro, promoted early, played on the top line.... no big surprise here, he's gonna chirp until someone tells him to shut the **** up.

I remember Marty Turco saying the very same thing a year (or 2?) ago and commenting that Higgins should take a page out of his book.

If I had to guess I'd say his comments on Ryder being the problem on his line (he did finally come out and admit this last year) didn't help him, and who knows what followed that in the room. His play is not consistent enough yet that he should be an assistant, and for someone who misses so many open nets he really ought not to be saying much to anyone outside of "sorry Saku, you really should have had 80 points."

Now that all may sound like I'm coming down hard on Higgins, who I really think is a good winger, but I think it goes right to the heart of the matter, that he's got to put up or shut up if he wants to be a leader on this team. There are vets who can show him the ropes, but if wants to take the reigns it's on him to be that guy 24/7, on the ice, in the room & outside of the game.

Kovalev and Roman Hamrlik should have the "A" this year, I don't know why it's even a question on this team.

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