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09-22-2008, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by ed ible View Post
I would have to be 100% certain that that player coming back would win you a cup and that is highly no I wouldnt...........players dont win cups teams do.
Agreed...but the way I see it, we have a great team at the moment. The addition of a game breaker down the stretch would be one more weapon in our arsenal.

And Im talking like a Kovulchuk or a Hossa type player.

Originally Posted by danishh View Post
If you ask anyone, dallas won that trade, because they have a cup and calgary doesnt.
If gainey can get someone to solidify the lineup as THE cup contender in the east, i say he should take it, even if it means giving up pac or ryan.

What would people say about a trade based around MacD + for Pronger (UFA) when the ducks are failing (epically, of course) mid-season?

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