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09-22-2008, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Exactly. I don't like the lines I'm seeing where everyone tries to cram all of the Rangers best players into the top 2 lines, and then say "oh man I love that 3rd line of Korpikoski, Fritsche, and Callahan! That'd be awesome!"

Yeah maybe they'd eventually be good, but that's a really inexperienced line without ANY proven offense, and looks like it'd basically turn into that kind of young "kid" energy line that zooms around but doesn't do a whole lot on the scoreboard because there's no real leadership or playmaker or whatever.

If you have 3, or even 4, lines that can be an offensive threat, you're making your team that much harder to play against. If Dubinsky plays as the third line center and allows the Rangers to have 3 legitimate scoring lines, I'll take that in a second. He'll get plenty of icetime if he's as good as people are pimping him up to be this season.

I'd go Prucha instead of Dawes, at least at first. Dubinsky is a decent passer, so there's that...but honestly that's the kind of configuration where I'd like to see a defenseman QBing the PP. Not sure the Rangers really have that guy, except for Redden, and I assume he'll be on the 1st PP unit. Maybe Kalinin? Not sure I want to put a ton of faith in him yet, however.
Coudnt agree more on all counts.

With Jagr gone, some people are having trouble envisioning a team that is not #1 line specific. This team hasnt had a consistent threat from the lower lines in years, and the idea behind this offseason was to try and target that. Now that they could have a potential 3rd line of Fritsche - Dubinsky - Callahan, all guys who have experience, are young energy players and could put the puck in the net, everyone thinks Dubi should be "top 6", we should really think of it as "top 9".

Lets think about something else for a second here. Zherdev is your top line right winger. While Jagr provided little in the defensive department, Zherdev might provide even less. The giveaways and north-north mindset might hinder his playing time and effect on the team's defensive stature as a whole. I think that alone might spread out the time among the three top lines.

With no Jagr, Straka and Shanny (and Avery to an effect)- guys Renney relied heavily on in almost all circumstances - the time is going to be split a little more this year, not to mention Drury was on the "3rd line" last year getting 19 minutes.

Fritsche - Dubi -Cally 3rd line? Sign me up.

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