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09-22-2008, 11:28 AM
Lord Horse
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OP, if you don't realize that it's pointless and stupid to start yet another thread about this crap then please, next time just read the board, or ask a mod - don't bother starting a thread.

It creates more worthless arguments than most other topics..... leave the "French Media" (i.e. the French 'Don Cherry' types) and, well, all the English-speaking Don Cherry types (e.g. Don Cherry) off the board.

Should be consigned to the same bin as politics (see Carbo thread).

If there are some posters who are hellbent on getting into these discussions, the mods ought to make a sticky thread for them, merge all forms of discussions into that thread, and so the rest of us who don't need to debate the foolish ranting of paid-for bigmouths can hit "Ignore Thread" and all the crap can be merged into it.

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