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09-23-2008, 11:40 AM
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here's your answer:

if you buy a nbh hockey stick in the 150, 170, 190 line, the stick is built for heavy slap shots. the flex point is more towards the middle so that you get the whip and most effective transfer of power to the puck from a big windup. if you take a wrister, you'll probably notice the shot going up a lot easier because of the way the stick flexes.
if you want a better and quicker wrist shot, you'll have to go into their vapor line (xx, xxx, or the newish xxxx). this line is built for the quick and hard wrist shot because the flex point is probably the lowest of all sticks on the market. your slap shot will lose a little velocity but it'll still be pretty impressive but lack the "heaviness" because of the way the stick flexes.

if you buy an easton elite, the flex point is lower for quick snap and wrist shots. a slap shot is off quicker because of the low flex point but not as heavy.
if you get something in the stealth line (any of the 3 generations), the flex point is a little higher (but just barely) so you can get off a heavier shot. the new "s" line (s17, s15, s11) have the elliptical shaft that helps flex the stick even more so you can transfer more power to your shot.
if you go into the sc, sl, st, or first or second gen synergy sticks, it's a blend of the elite and stealth sticks. the flex point is about 2/3 down the shaft so you can have a good overall shot.

nbh and easton has made the 2 and 3 lines, respectively, to cater to the different shooters. if you find yourself taking all types of shots, go with the sticks made for wrist shots (elite and xxx or xxxx). it's almost always better to be able to get off a quick shot than having to spend the extra split second loading up the shaft to get a little more power.

hope this doesn't mess you up too much in making a decision.

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