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06-25-2004, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ranold26
Homerism??? WTF!!!!
I'm not even a fan of both clubs. I think your the one that is a homer, also being disappointed in the trade. Sheeesh.
btw I forgot Belle is only 19, so instead of AHL.... its Tri-City or Dallas. Tri-City it will be.
My bad... thought you were a Stars fan.

And in the WTF department: How does being unhappy with the trade? Use a little common sense and look around at all the Stars fans estatic with the trade. One might think that might be a little hint at who this trade favors.

And even if there were Blues fans happy with this trade and I was not, I want what is best for my team and organization, so calling me a homer here would make absolutely no snese.

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