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Originally Posted by NYRSinceBirth View Post
That said, is there any real difference between the Vapor XXII & XVI? There is a pretty decent price difference for seemingly similar sticks. I might even go with the XII if I'm just getting a feel for it.
the biggest difference you'll notice between the price ranges (from the cheapest vapors to the top end vapors) is largely the weight and balance of the stick. if you look at the vapor xxx or xxxx, at full length it is roughly 425gm. if you get the cheapest vapor v2 (i believe that's the low end one), it weighs in at almost 550gm. this being said, the original easton synergy that came out back in around 2001 weighed in at roughly 475gm.
i know for a fact that the blade construction is different from the high price point sticks going to the low price point. this accounts largely for the difference in balance. if you look at the xxxx, the blade is much more "lively" and has more "feel" than say the v2 which is bottom heavy and feels like playing with a rock. you're basically playing with a 2-piece stick with a couple layers of wrap to make it look like a 1-piece.
if you want the benefits of the top end, high price point stick, don't go any lower than the nbh 150 or vapor xx. when you go below this, the materials used are different and it's almost not worth buying unless it is substantially cheaper than getting a 2-piece stick.

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