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Originally Posted by mti79 View Post
I've spoken with people from Buffalo and they all seem to like Kalinin and his play. He can go for stretches where he'll be the best defenseman we have. Apparently he can also be snakebit. For example, Girardi could have a bad game and have 5 turnovers but nothing comes of it whereas Kalinin could have a good game, but 2 turnovers that both lead to goals. Suddenly everyone would hate on Dmitri. We need to be patient. No need to label him a goat based on 1 PRESEASON game. I can't wait to see him announced on October 10, stand up and cheer for him as a member of the 2008-09 New York Rangers.
I've heard the same thing about Dmitri and no where did I say that I expect him to be a goat. In fact reading Blueshirt Bulletin before, which said he will replace Malik as the fans whipping boy if he plays poorly, I happened to disagree. Playing on the 3rd pair as the 6th man shouldn't garner him those labels. Of course I hope he comes out the gate and proves he can play to his full potential. He would be an absolute steal then. But if everyone plays to their full potential we would contend for the cup, although you know what they say about ifs and buts. However like I said if he goes unnoticed on the ice it means he isn't making those mistakes that people in Buffalo say he is prone to making him a solid d-man and I didn't even watch the game he played in so trust me my hopes for Kalinin didn't come from there.

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