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09-24-2008, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by kingshockey View Post
I wonder what O'Sullivan thinks will happen to his chance of getting a decent contract if he holds out this year. Even if he plays over seas this year and comes back to take the Kings to arbitration next summer, what comps will he get then with a year removed from the NHL? He certainly won't receive what he thinks he is worth through arbitration and then he becomes a bargain for the Kings as they can choose to elect a two year deal due to a player elected arbitration. With the kids progressing another year he then become expendible and can be dealt at the deadline with another year remaining on his contract. I'd assume he could net a pretty good return.

Hopefully O'Sullivan realizes this sooner than later.
I may be wrong, but he will have needed to play in order to be eligible for arbitration. He will have been still out of his ELC, which means he would only be eligible for arbitration after his second contract, as long as he is still eligible to be an RFA.

This is pathetic this is still even going on. The Kings are becoming like the Detroit Lions of the NHL. So much for the verbiage Dean Lombardi gave us that "this was going according to plan." I don't think the plan included holding out in training camp. According to IB's site, the Kings are STILL not up to the cap floor, but Ersberg and Ellis are not on the Kings roster according to this site, and the two of them STILL wouldn't make up the difference. They're probably going to have to carry Hickey or someone else they would rather see have playing time in juniors or Manchester unless something happens before then. This includes Bernier on the Kings roster. They're going to have to carry 25 guys on the roster just to make the floor.

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