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09-24-2008, 10:14 AM
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I've seen David play at the Bell Center last year in the rookie camp. He didn't have the best shot or wasn't the fastest guy on the ice. He seemed "ok" in those areas .. As far as his hockey sense are concerned, it was one game, but he showed he knew what he was doing out here. What set him apart was the way he played the game as opposed to the other players.

David made his presence be felt every shift. He always seemed to make a "good" play to get the offense going. He seemed to understand his defensive responsibilities, and he never gave up on a play. Even at 5'6", he still hit someone when it was opportunistic too do so with every ounce of weight he owns.

There was this old guy sitting right behind me last year who said he's had been watching the Habs for ever. He made very good observations on the players which I didn't even notice. It was very interesting to hear his comments because I was learning more just by chatting with him.

At one point, David was crossing the ice with the puck and was trying to make his way into the offensive zone through traffic. He wasn't capable of stick handling the puck through and it kept going into the corner. There was a defense man who knew the puck was going there and sort of tried to push David away and put himself between himself and the puck. Big mistake! David ran right into him in the corner and knocked the defense man on his ass. David hit him so hard that he almost went down too. After he regained his balance, he didn't think twice, he went right for the puck. It was too late because the other D had it now and he passed it up but he still tried to get it back even though there was little hope..

I turned around to the old guy to see his expression. He raised his eye brows made a little nodding motion and said in french, "That kid's got heart.." That opinion was "dead on". I felt the same way...

I was a fan of his after that day and was really happy to see him succeed in Cincinnati last year.

I was also glad to see him play in Roberville and I thought he looked comfortable out there. He must have been really nervous to play with all that attention on him. Guy promised he would play for the fans there. Then there was all the Habs fan across the country watching the first broadcasted pre-season game on TV. Then most of his bosses where there like, Guy, Kirk, Doug, Trevor, George Gillett, even Gary Bettman showed up...

So with that said, Maurice Richard was small but look where his heart took him! I'm not saying David will be the next Maurice. I'm just saying that a kid with that much heart can go a long way and I wish him all the best!

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