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09-24-2008, 10:30 AM
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To me Redden is an upgrade to the Rangers defense from last year and thats great. The problem is his contract. Put that all side for a minute though.

Redden is exactly what the Rangers need in a puck moving, PP defenseman. Hes a stable defender in the zone and knows how to take a hit to make a play. Hes also adept at keeping the play alive at the point on the powerplay, getting shots on net (even rolling pucks) and for me the most important thing he brings to the powerplay is patience.

Patience you say? But he moves the puck so quickly doesnt he? Yes, he does. But if you watched the Rangers PP closely last year, especially a guy like Rozsival - he didnt know how to suck in the top of the PK box, or walk the puck back to the center of the ice to open up the passing or shooting lanes for himself or one of his teammates. He was stationary for the most part. Redden moves and gives the top of the PP a look they havent seen since Leetch. I've already seen it on numerous occasions, hes patient enough to let the opposition winger come out to him just enough to make a move or a pass to free up that space, and maek something happen by getting rid of it, and quickly.

The knock i have on Redden is this - He's fine in the defensive zone when the play settles down and its more of a stationary and positioning game. But i think there is some validity (from what i've seen so far) to what a lot of the ditractors and Ottawa fans were saying when the Rangers signed him. It seems that when he has to turn and go in the neutral zone, his transition to keep up with the wings - its not all the good. We've seen him get beat on the outside twice in two games. Yeah, he might not have his legs under him as of yet, but i dont think its so much about that, more about the route he takes to the player and how he sets himself in the neutral zone for an attack as such. I replayed the 1st tamps goal about 6 times and slowed it down. When he has to turn and go it seems like his first two strides werent good enough so he lost his position right away. Maybe that will come back with practice, maybe hes getting old, or maybe the NHL is getting too fast for him. Whatever the case may be, its a bit of a concern and I think its a legit one. The positive is, Lundqvist is the last guy to have to be beaten, and we all know how he does on breakaways. But keep an eye on that in the future.

I can live with that shortcoming if it isnt exploited each and every game. Otherwise i think his positives will outweigh his negatives, one of them getting a ton of shots ON NET, which is a breath of fresh air after seeing Tyutin miss so many opportunities.

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