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Beyond The Basics


Registering your account allows you to take ownership of your handle (nickname), so that nobody else can use it. It also allows you to be given permanent voice or operator privileges, should you earn them.

Registering is easy. Once you're connected, just type this...
/msg nickserv register password email
...replacing password with a made-up password of your choosing, and email with your email address. Then, check your email for a verification message, and click the link within.

Once you do this, you'll need to "identify" yourself to the server when you connect. If you use the link at the top of this post to connect to the chat, you just need to click the word "Auth", and enter your registered password in the field that appears before clicking "Go".


The live chat room is actually just an IRC channel. IRC (eye-arr-sea) is short for Internet Relay Chat, and has been a popular chat method since the 80s. To use IRC, you connect to a server, and then join a "channel", which is the actual chat room.

When you join the channel using the web page at the top of this post, it loads a very basic IRC "client" which connects to the server, and puts in the #cbj channel. This allows anyone to join in without much trouble, but doesn't offer any features for power users. It also requires you to keep your web browser open to stay connected.

To get more out of your IRC experience, you can download a specialized IRC client for free. There are hundreds of them out there, but the best I've found are:
Mac: Colloquy -
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch - Get it on iTunes
Colloquy provides a very clean, highly customizable look and feel for IRC channels. It makes it simple to set up a connection, add a password for your registered nickname, and manage your options.
Windows: mIRC -
mIRC is the most widely used IRC client out there. It's not the prettiest piece of software out there, but it is the most full-featured, and has become the standard-bearer for IRC chat clients across all platforms. Lots of add-ons and advice are readily available.
Linux: Konversation -
Most IRC clients for Linux run on the command line, without a point-and-click interface ("irssi", for example, is an excellent text-based client). If you're looking for a Linux IRC client with nice, clean, graphical experience, here it is.
Download and install the client of your choice. Now, you'll need to create a new connection. You'll need the following information:
Server Address:
Port Number: 6667
Channel: #cbj

You'll also need your handle, and (if you registered your handle) your identification password.
I plan to add more detailed steps and screenshots for the clients listed above, but for now, just ask for assistance in the #cbj channel if you need more help getting set up.

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